How Brochures Help Your Business

For business owners, marketing helps increase exposure for their products and services. There are many ways to advertise one’s business, including billboards, ads, and internet marketing. Another great way to get the attention of customers is brochures. Brochures help summarize your services in one little booklet. How you organize your brochures matters. Here are some advantages of utilizing brochures and their organizing systems in your store front. 

The Advantages


1. Many Designs

Brochures can be customized to the business owner’s needs. Professional designs can leave excellent impressions on possible clients.

2. Create And Answers Questions

Many business owners, who have waiting rooms, put brochure holders in the same area so customers can browse while they wait. Clients can get more information from your brochure or inquire about a product.

3. Increases Exposure

Your customers can take a brochure, magazine, or business card and give it to someone who needs your service. 

Brochure Holders

1. Organization

Brochure holders and magazine racks show the customer that you are professional and well organized. Having a stand on display showcases your business’s establishments, products, and services. 

2. Lightweight

A quality brochure holder will feature portability. Many business owners want products that are easy to set up and move, if necessary. Some store owners change displays seasonally for different events or themes.

3. Noticeable 

Having a brochure holder anywhere in your business can increase sales, because it stands out. You can customize your brochure or magazine holder so consumers can clearly see it. 

4. Space Efficient

While they are pronounced, brochure holders don’t take up a lot of space. A business owner can easily fit the stand in a small space and make great use of the product. 

5. Low Cost

Advertising for a business can be a costly necessity. Billboards can cost hundreds to thousands to maintain. Brochure holders are an easy way to display your company’s best features, without the high expense. Since they are portable, you can take them to events to showcase your business. 

Getting The Display You Need

Central Plastic & Rubber Co. is the largest distributor and fabricator of foam, plastic and rubber in Arizona. The company has many stock display products in their catalog or they can create a custom item for you. These products include magazine, brochure, sign and business card holders. 

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