Uses of Custom Pastry Cases

Jane’s pies are the talk of the town. But, just piling them up on the countertop won’t produce the desired effect of appeal to her customers. With the help of Central Plastic and Rubber Company, she’s able to custom create the perfect case for safeguarding and displaying her fresh baked pies. 

Case Closed

Protect and present your treasures with a custom pastry case from Central Plastic and Rubber Company. A custom pastry case safeguards your products from pests, possible spills, and more. It also saves room and organizes your wares for display. The transparent nature of acrylic cases makes them perfect for displaying a variety of wares. Restaurants and bakeries use the custom pastry case for displaying a variety of entrees and desserts. Schools and sporting complexes use the custom pastry cases for displaying trophies and ribbons. Private individuals, teachers and retail store owners use the custom pastry cases for rock, stamp, shell or other collections. The stylish acrylic case can even be used to organize and display information.

Style Me Pretty    

Since cases are fully customizable, a variety of options are available to best suit your needs. From front opening or rear opening, varying height, depth and width dimensions, even shelving – all aspects are designed with your specifications in mind. An experienced Central Plastic and Rubber Company agent can help you pinpoint the features that will match your requirements and desires.

The Price is Right

Unlike wood and metal options, acrylic provides a more affordable option. Not only does acrylic provide the best possible choice for displaying and protecting a variety of collections, it also offers the lowest price. Plus, hard acrylic cases are extra hardy, meaning you won’t incur the cost of replacement down the road as quickly as you might with less durable materials. 

In Good Company

Central Plastic & Rubber Company has created custom pastry cases for individuals for nearly half a century. They’ve grown from a small, family plastics production center to The Grand Canyon State’s largest foam, plastic and rubber fabricator and distributor. Central Plastic and Rubber Company services both national corporations and locally owned businesses. Their commitment to top notch quality and customer service propels them to success day after day, year after year. Call today to order your customized pastry case.

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