Welcome To the Plastic World

Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. is a full-service Phoenix Plastic Fabricator and production company.  Now in our third generation as a family owned and operated business, delivering quality products ranging from our popular stock products to personalized designs.

Why choose Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc.?

•    A legacy of quality

There are no bounds to what we are prepared to do at Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. for our valued customers. We are always happy to work with our customers to design, create and produce the best quality products that meet and supersede expectations. As the largest Phoenix distributor & fabricator of Foam Plastic and Rubber, we use acrylic, ABS, styrene, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, and several other varieties of plastics.

We have set the bar high for all of our products and continually work to ensure that we adapt measures to better our products and services, distinguishing us from our competitors in the plastic fabrication industry.

•    Unmatched workmanship

Using the most effective technology and materials, Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. has the know-how to produce anything you can imagine and create the desired finished product with an unmatched level of workmanship. If you want to see a visual of the design you have in mind, we can engineer a prototype to confirm exactly what you want.

•    Caring customer service

We didn’t grow to be the largest Phoenix distributor & fabricator of Foam Plastic and Rubber overnight. Most of our clients have been with us for years, and we sincerely appreciate their loyalty.  Service is not merely a word, but a total commitment which permeates our entire company.

Our expert technical team concentrates on quality, while our experienced sales staff stresses competitive pricing and responsiveness. Though we didn’t start out with the primary goal of becoming the largest Phoenix distributor & fabricator of Foam Plastic and Rubber, we always strive to be the best by continually improving ourselves.

Call us today and we will give you the best plastic fabrication experience.

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