Food Safety and Bakery Products

“Keep it cold, keep it clean, and keep it moving” is a longstanding adage in the foodservice industry. For meat and produce, all three apply. For bakery and non-refrigerated items, in particular, keeping the products clean and moving is the best advice.

In the discipline of food safety, these simple instructions are always valid. Moreover, the execution, while not always straightforward, requires training, planning, procedures, careful handling, and the right equipment for storage and presentation.

Preventing Contamination-Airborne

So, what are the food safety challenges of storing and presenting high-quality bakery products?

First, bakery products, like other food products, must be kept away from ambient air bacteria. Moving air dries baked goods quickly and can make them stale and unappealing.

Also, high moisture bakery products are vulnerable to airborne contaminants that can lead to fungus, molds, and microbial contamination. As a result, the bakery products should be kept from moving and ambient air to remain wholesome and maintain the shelf life.

Preventing Contamination-Human-Borne

Servers and patrons carry bacteria on their hands, hair, and skin. Many times they may have symptoms of a communicable disease that can be spread through contact or near contact. While careful training, strict rules, and oversight will reduce the risks carried by employee servers, screening the patrons is not possible.

Best Solution: Central Plastic & Rubber Bakery Display Cases

The experts and designers of food storage, preparation, and presentation products at Central Plastic & Rubber recognize that food safety is the most critical element of their designs. By incorporating the right materials and food-safe designs, Central Plastic’s product development staff anticipates the application of their products and display cases.

Central Plastic’s menu of Pastry Display Cases demonstrates their commitment to keeping bakery products clean and sanitary. Whether for restaurants, bakeries, cafes, cafeterias, or C-stores, these clear acrylic cases present the products beautifully, while minimizing exposure to environmental and human influences.

Keeping It Clean: Pastry Case Selection from Central Plastics

All Central Plastic’s pastry display cases are made with durable and transparent acrylic plastic. The cases are scratch resistant, easy to assemble, and very easy to clean.

These are offered with a choice of:

  • 3, 4, or 5 tiers
  • Front or Back-Loading:  
  • Half or Full Sheet

Each case front is angled rearward for easy viewing by the customers. Front loading (and unloading) facilitates customer access, but should only be allowed with tongs and protective tissues.

Rear loaded cases provide selection and serving by employee servers.

Keeping It Moving: Better Product Displays

Besides “keeping it clean” by presenting and storing the baked goods in a highly protected environment, the Central Plastic & Rubber pastry cases offer the products in the perfect light. With transparent walls and clear, tiered shelving, the products appear to be suspended in mid-air, giving the prospective patron an opportunity to see the products from nearly every angle.

Easy viewing of delicious bakery products promotes sales that wooden or metal shelving cannot. Less expensive and more practical than the alternatives, Central Plastic & Rubber Pastry Cases are the ideal solution for presenting and selling fresh baked goods at any foodservice venue.

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