Improving Kitchen Sanitation with the Right Cutting Boards

Whether incoming or outgoing, all products pass through the kitchen of a foodservice establishment. Exposure to airborne contamination, temperature abuse, or mishandling by employees and equipment, the degree of kitchen sanitation always depends upon how well the kitchen is managed.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), food handling by employees, mostly during kitchen preparation, is the principal cause of foodborne illness outbreaks. Improper or insufficient cleaning of kitchen utensils and work surfaces has also been a contributor to food borne illnesses.

One of the critical control points of kitchen sanitation, as noted by the CDC, is the use of cutting boards. Using the same cutting boards for different products can cause the germ populations to spread. The CDC recommendation is to use and mark different cutting boards for different products in separate locations.

For example, if restaurant staff uses a particular cutting board for cutting raw chicken, then later uses the same board to slice a tomato, dangerous cross-contamination will occur. 

Also, vegetables and fruits can also be a prime source for the presence of specific pathogens.

Cutting boards must always be cleaned thoroughly immediately after use to maintain proper kitchen sanitation.

Cleaning Cutting Boards

  • Rinse the cutting board thoroughly, making sure the water does not splatter everywhere and spread germs
  • Scrub with soap and water, paying particular attention to any scratches
  • Sanitize plastic cutting boards with a chlorine-based sanitizer, making sure to follow instructions carefully.

Selecting the Best Cutting Boards

Central Plastics & Rubber Company of Phoenix is aware of the severe health risks of using low-quality cutting boards and other kitchen prep utensils and equipment. Successful for nearly 60 years, Central Plastic’s product designers are dedicated to creating solutions that provide the most practical and sanitary options for restaurants and other foodservice venues.

Cutting boards are essential implements that must be:

  • Durable and able to resist knife grooves
  • Easy to clean and sanitize

Central Plastic offers two top-quality cutting board materials in their FOOD FXTRS® product line that can be customized to any dimension you prefer. These are Richlite and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

While softwood cutting boards have been popular for years, the problem is that they tend to scratch easily, creating crevices for germs to thrive. These are difficult to clean and after several uses should be discarded.

One food safety researcher at North Carolina State recommended using hard plastic cutting boards for any meat products because of the superior sanitation characteristics.

Richlite Cutting Boards

Richlite is a material used in industry, aerospace, and other applications that demand the highest density materials available. Richlite provides many of the same properties as stone or other ultra-solid surfaces in its resistance to heat, stains, and scratches.

Central Plastic & Rubber offers Richlite cutting boards which are produced in ½” thickness that can be cut to any specified lengths and widths.

Poly Cutting Boards

Central Plastic’s  other practical,  high-quality choice is the polyethylene cutting board. These are produced in thicknesses of  ½-inch, ¾-inch, and 1-inch in any length and width size you choose. The products are also scratch, heat, and stain resistant and designed to be a durable option in the kitchen.

Contact Central Plastic & Rubber Company

Central Plastic is the producer and purveyor of hundreds of practical and sanitary products for the foodservice industry. Many of these products have evolved from functional, customized suggestions from the national and local client base. Fulfilling customer needs and providing excellent customer service is the basis for Central Plastic’s  long-standing success.

If you have questions about kitchen sanitation and cutting boards or other products, call Central Plastic & Rubber at 602.268.6368.

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