Success of an American Plastic Fabricator

“Plastics.” That was the career hint whispered to Benjamin Braddock in the 1967 Dustin Hoffman hit movie, “The Graduate.” The message was intended to indicate that plastics would be the future of business and industry. Fifty years later, that foresighted suggestion could not be more accurate.

Plastic products and components play a prominent role in nearly every industry today. Medical science, consumer products and packaging, tools, automotive, aerospace, toys, furniture, construction, entertainment all use plastic materials in nearly all their products.

American plastic fabricators popped up everywhere, grew, and specialized in many types and uses of products. Because plastic components are lightweight, durable, and less labor intensive than heavier, more expensive metal parts, plastic has taken the lead role in manufacturing.

Advantages of Plastics

  • Lightweight and Durable: One of the genuinely positive contributions of plastics to the world has been the result of replacing metal components, particularly in aerospace and automobile manufacturing. The resulting reduction in gross weight has increased the mileage and efficiency of aircraft, cars, and trucks. For example, the fuselage and wings, not to mention the interior, of the new Boeing 787, nicknamed the “Plastic Dream Machine,” are made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. The significant weight reduction allows the plane to go further with less fuel.
  • Versatile: Since plastics take many forms, the material is ideal for most applications. Lightweight, economical, durable, and easy-to-clean, plastics are used for almost anything.
  • Recyclable: Even though plastics are virtually indestructible and do not biodegrade quickly, the materials are one of the easiest products to recycle.
  • Transparency: Acrylics replace glass in certain applications for safety reasons. The advantage is that acrylics simply do not break as glass does.

Outsourcing Plastics Production

Early in the evolution of plastic manufacturing, some American plastic fabricators lost business to China producers and other overseas sources. For low cost and often lower quality products, importers were able to find or relocate production in nations with lower labor, investment, and occupancy costs and still be competitive when ocean freight was added.

In truth, much of China’s plastic fabrication has been a result of recycling scrap plastic, producing toys and other products from discarded plastic from the rest of the world. However, according to a December 2017 Bloomberg article, China has stopped importing scrap plastic to reduce their pollution problem. This change creates an opportunity for American plastic fabricators to begin filling the void in the world’s demand.

Some American companies still outsource plastic production for certain items, although American plastic fabricators that specialize in production for specific industries are doing well.

An American Plastic Fabricator Success Story

Central Plastic & Rubber of Phoenix has been a high quality American plastic fabricator for nearly 50 years, even before plastic was touted as the product of the future. Since 1960, Central Plastic has dedicated all resources to finding creative solutions for their nationwide and local clients. Specializing in sophisticated, labor-saving plastic and rubber foodservice products, Central Plastic’s  product designers have collaborated with their broad customer base to create custom products to store, prepare, and present products in a safe and sanitary environment.

In addition, Central Plastic produces Everyday products to help any business become more efficient and profitable.

Central Plastic, an American plastic fabricator working primarily with foodservice, is truly an American success story. Dedicated to customer service, Central Plastic strives to be the best, not necessarily the largest, American plastic fabricator.

For information regarding Central Plastic’s array of practical and perfectly designed products, check out the company website at

Or, for more information about Central Plastics, a long-standing American plastic fabricator, call (602)-268-6368.

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