Acrylics are Practical, Versatile, and Beautiful

Thursday, May 17, 2018 9:20:41 AM America/Phoenix

Acrylic is a durable plastic that can be produced in varying degrees of transparency that ranges from glass-like clarity to fully opaque in any color. Because of its strength, these products have replaced glass as a safer, less breakable material in many applications. Approved for the food industry, these materials can be used for food storage, preparation, and presentation. They are also widely used for signage, sneeze guards, shelving, and displays.

Acrylics are prevalent in other industries as well. Various versions of acrylics are standard in such varied applications as skylights, submarine windows, flat screen TVs, viewing windows in zoos and aquariums, less breakable dishes and cups, shower doors, bathtubs, trophies and awards, and more.

Advantages of Glass vs. Acrylic Products

Because of several built-in attributes, acrylics have replaced glass for many products. Some reasons are:

  • Less breakable, can withstand high forces
  • Can be heated and molded into any shape using plastics machining, milling, and turning
  • Equally transparent
  • Weather-proof
  • UV resistant
  • Weighs less than glass
  • Flexible
  • Can be transparent or any color

Two Types 

Acrylic is produced using two different methods: extruded and cell cast. Extruded product is a liquid plastic passing through rollers and pressed into thin sheets of acrylic material.  This method is most common and is used in many different types of products. This type is commonly employed for displays, signs, and other flat-surfaced pieces.

Cell cast products are used for more durable purposes such as aquariums, skylights, shower doors, and other situations in which higher levels of durability are required. Cell cast acrylic is created by pressing the liquid plastic material into single sheets and then moving into a heating stage that strengthens the material. This type is stronger and more expensive than the extruded material.

Central Plastic & Rubber Company Acrylic Products

As a principal supplier to the foodservice industry, Central Plastic & Rubber Company of Phoenix utilizes acrylics in several of their foodservice products. Easy to clean and durable, the transparency of Central Plastic’s displays presents food products at their best while protecting them from airborne bacteria in the shielded environment. With the same clarity as glass, acrylics do not distort the view and appearance of products and are perfect for sneeze guards in cafeterias and buffets as well as pastry display cases.

Some of Central Plastic’s  high quality acrylic products include:

  • Sheets, clear, 0.060 thick that can be purchased in any width and length needed. Simply fill in the order form for the dimensions desired and central will ship.
  • Sneeze guards
  • Wall or table-mounted display cases
  • Pastry cases

Visit the Central Plastic & Rubber Company website to view the entire spectrum of useful Food FXTRS®, Paper FXTRS®, and Everyday Products. While foodservice is a major focus of the company, Central Plastic supplies products to many national and local companies throughout North America. As an entirely customer-oriented manufacturer, Central Plastic’s technicians have worked with their client base to create new products or modify old ones to solve new problems. Collaboration on development concepts is an important element of Central Plastic’s philosophy.

For more information, phone Central Plastics & Rubber Company in Phoenix AZ at (602)-268-6368.

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