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If you need a part or product made from a print or design, let our company guide you through the process with our combined 100 years of experience. Since 1960, Central Plastic & Rubber has been helping customers match materials, specifications, and processes from a print or sketch to produce a finished part or product.

Using materials such as plastics, rubber, and foam, we deliver the knowledge, technology, and expertise needed to fabricate timely and cost-effective solutions — from a single finished item to multiple products not readily available “off the shelf.” From small amounts to full sheets or rolls, we’ll get you the right materials at the right price. In addition to custom fabrication and small size conversions we also offer existing retail product lines including FOOD FXTR’s and PAPER FXTR’s.

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Our 5-Step Process

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Tell us what you want

We get a description of, and requirements for, what you’d like to create.

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We Consult with you

Our fabrication specialists consult with you, asking detailed questions relating to the product’s functionality and design.

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We Outline Specifications

We create an outline of processes and specifications.

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We Recommend Materials

We recommend the best raw materials to use.

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We Create Finished Product

Our highly skilled fabricators and machinists use state-of-the-art technology to create 1st articles and/or finished product.

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Competitive advantage

Global sourcing.
Local solution.

Central Plastic & Rubber has more capabilities, machinery, and experience than most other fabrication competitors across the U.S. We partner with materials manufacturers and distributors around the globe allowing us the ability to source from multiple vendors and take advantage of competitive pricing — passing along the savings to you, our customer.

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You’re in good company

The employees at Central Plastic are very friendly and great to work with. I've purchased acrylic sign holders for my chocolate business — in office and to take to shows — and absolutely love the look and quality! They are so much nicer than the retail store products!

Vivian W.

Great customer service! While I was in their shop, I saw some custom blue sand blasted tables that were made for a customer in HA; they were incredibly beautiful. Great resource for acrylics!


They responded quickly and Ron helped me choose from some options I had. The end price was very reasonable much lower than online and about 20% lower than others I contacted locally. I just placed a second order and response was again super quick and I with any luck I will be picking up next week. For how small a quantity/total I am buying they could not be nicer and I hope they will be around for future projects.


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