Sneeze Guards

Our Sneeze Guards come in three different configurations. We have legs that are in the Front, Rear and in the Center. They can be ordered by length, in inches, and are broken down into products from 0 to 47 inches and from 48 to 96 inches.

We also have units that have Acrylic Faces, Sides and Full Face with Sides.

If you need a configuration other than what you find on our site please contact us with your requirements.

We can adjust to you needs and even can make Sneeze Guards that can hang from the ceiling or make a replacement lens if yours is in need of a new one.

Legs can be ordered in Black or White. Please note color choice in the order comments section.

The Sneeze Guards major dimensions can be seen in the image below.

Please note that the dimensions are approximate and vary slightly from unit to unit.


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