What is Skiving?

Skiving is a specialized technique to reduce the thickness of a foam sheet. It involves guiding a moving strip of material past a cutting blade, allowing for an incredibly precise and consistent cut.

The Skiving Process

  • Material Assessment: We start by evaluating the foam material and determining the thickness requirements.
  • Setting Parameters: The cutting blade is adjusted to achieve the desired thickness.
  • Skiving Operation: The foam sheet is carefully guided through the skiving machine, where the cutting tool meticulously shaves off layers to achieve the specified thickness.
  • Quality Inspection: Each skived foam sheet undergoes a thorough quality check to meet exact specifications.

Materials Suitable for Skiving

Our skiving services are versatile and compatible with a wide range of foam materials. Whether you’re working with standard foam or specialized variants, we have the expertise to deliver precise skiving results.

Skiving Machine
Skiving Example

Tailored Solutions

Whether you need foam sheets for packaging, inserts, or other applications, our skiving process is precise and flexible, delivering results that align with your project specifications.

Cost Transparency

Our pricing structure for the skiving process is comprehensive, leaving no aspect uncovered. This dedication to transparent costs gives you a thorough grasp of all expenses involved, providing you with the confidence to plan and budget effectively.

Why Choose Skiving?

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Precision Unmatched

Our skiving technique ensures that your foam reaches the exact thickness required for your project, with unparalleled precision.

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Impeccable Quality

Skiving maintains the integrity of the foam while adhering to stringent thickness tolerances.

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Customized Thickness

Whether you require foam to be reduced to a specific thickness or a range of thicknesses, our adjustable cutting tools cater to your unique needs.

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Improved Performance

Skiving results in a smooth and uniform surface finish, enhancing the performance and appearance of the final product.

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