Case Studies

Custom Water Pump Filters

A small company approached us with a need for water pump filters that were very expensive from the original manufacturer. They worked with our foam specialist to determine that reticulated foam was the perfect answer. Simple drawings were created and then programmed into our Water Jet machine.

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Rubber Boat Trailer Pad

Sometimes the requests are very simple. An owner of a large boat was having issues with the wood and carpeted pad attached to the boat trailer. This is what the boat rests and slides on and off of to enter the water.

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Custom Giveaway

We were contacted to help create a product for a marketing promotion. They wanted something that resembled a medical product they sold. It was to be used it in a promotion and giveaway. They were going to fill this with M&M’s and have a guess the number candies in the display.

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Custom Golf Trophies

An organization wanted us to create unique trophies for their golf tournament using a provided logo. They were willing to leave the rest up to our creativity and fabrication experience. The provided logo was converted to a usable format for our machines and then programmed to achieve a resulting set of trophies.

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Carrying Case for a Trade Show Display

A local business owner came to us with a large case that housed the material used for a trade show display. The case was basically an empty plastic box with very little foam padding. They wanted us to create a more stable and protective insert for the case.

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Serving Platter for A Music Themed Restaurant

A local Restaurateur came to us with an idea for a new serving platter for their music themed restaurant. We worked with the customer to determine the best material for the use and used their rough sketches to create several prototypes.

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