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Serving Platter for A Music Themed Restaurant

A local Restaurateur came to us with an idea for a new serving platter for their music themed restaurant. We worked with the customer to determine the best material for the use and used their rough sketches to create several prototypes. After several refinements that were needed to better utilize the materials and process we presented a guitar shaped cutting board for the intended use. A picture of the white prototype is shown. Ultimately the product was made in a Red material that matched the customer’s request with one of our CNC routers.


Guitar serving platters


Information tidbit: in a commercial food prep environment colored cutting boards have a designated use by food type.

  • Red: used for raw meat
  • Yellow: used for raw poultry
  • Blue: used for seafood
  • Green: used for vegetables and salads
  • Brown: used for cooked meats
  • White: used for dairy and baked goods

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