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Central Plastic and Rubber carries a very versatile open cell poly-ether Reticulated Foam. This foam is charcoal gray in color and has a pore density of 30 PPI. Poly-ether reticulated foam was designed for an increase in hydro-static stability over its counterpart Polyester reticulated foam. This product is flexible and porous and is used in a wide range of applications. It can be used as a sound dampener, air filters, applicators for polish and cleansers, water purification, scrubbers and as an anti-surge membrane in fuel tanks.

Our reticulated foam starts as a very large bun that can be cut, shaped and manipulated to meet you individual needs and size requirements. Please contact one of our foam specialist’s to discuss your needs. They can then work to determine the specific pricing and lead times for you project.

Starting at: $5.50 a board foot

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